[ntp:questions] Frequency Error on Sun4v

Fran Horan fran.horan at jhuapl.edu
Thu Jun 26 12:12:13 UTC 2008

> Do not even think about using NTP on a T1000, T2000, or T5120 until
> you have the latest firmware patch installed (nah-nah, wasn't hardware
>   OR software. Or maybe both?).  There is a bug in all three that
> causes the firmware to report an incorrect clock frequency to the
> kernel on boot up. Interestingly, the bug in the T1000 and T2000 is
> different from the bug in the T5120. See my blog post at
> http://blogs.sun.com/blu/entry/spread_spectrum_emi_and_the for an
> explanation of the T5120 issue.
> Brian Utterback

Thanks Brian.

Can you provide a firmware rev number where the fix was first introduced ?
Is there a firmware tunable to disable frequency modulation ?


Fran Horan

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