[ntp:questions] remote NTP server

kvdh kvonderheydt at whoi.edu
Fri Jun 27 20:01:43 UTC 2008

On Jun 25, 10:49 pm, Steve Kostecke <koste... at ntp.org> wrote:
> On 2008-06-25, kvdh <kvonderhe... at whoi.edu> wrote:
> > Is it possible, (even practical) to configure a server as part of an
> > autonomous, system nothing more than a GPS receiver providing PPS
> > but with no connection to any part of the global "network"
> Yes. I've done it with a Soekris NET4801 ($231) and a Garmin GPS-18LVC
> (~$70)
> > and if so what is a minimally resourced single board computer up to
> > the task of serving NTP to half a dozen other similar machines?
> The Soekris NET4501 ($173) ought to be up to the task:
> https://www.soekris.com/shop/product_info.php?products_id=75
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RE: ntp serving.  How exactly does the server sync to information
provided by a GPS receiver?   Does it simply read the RMC string or
equivalent on a serial port
or does it also use the PPS as in interrupt and if the later is
necessary, is that received via an SBC's parallel port bit.    Does
the server then make time information available on request?

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