[ntp:questions] ntpd just doesnt sync (but ntpdate does!)

Marc Logemann ml at logemann.org
Thu Nov 13 10:37:11 UTC 2008


here we go. The point is, the very same time server (ptbtime1.ptb.de)  
works with a different server of mine. Here there is a "*" in front of  
the ptbtime1.ptb.de. The is the mentioned server and i  
only put it as timeserver in my problem server so that i can be sure  
its not a firewall thing or something....

asterisk:~# ntpq -p
remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay   offset   
========================================================================   2 u    8   64  377    0.323  2502675  
ptbtime1.ptb.de .PTB.            1 u  776   64    0   31.324   
2492286   0.000


Marc Logemann

Am 13.11.2008 um 08:52 schrieb David Woolley:

> Marc Logemann wrote:
>> First of all i know that the "=" means that its not syncing at this
>> point. I have a different server (which is also in the list with
>>, where there is a "*" before the remote hostname and
>> there everything is fine). Now i compared both config files but they
>> are all the same (except for the server list)
> Most people here are more familiar with the ntpq peers output, in  
> which
> case ignored would be space.
> Rather than guess, could you please provide the output of the ntpq rv
> command run against each association id returned by the ntpq assoc  
> command.
> The most common recent cause of this is an excessive root dispersion  
> due
> to accessing a w32time system that hasn't really been synchronized
> recently, or, more controversially a not recently synchronised orphan
> mode server.
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