[ntp:questions] ntp or other time stuff on virtual server?

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Mon Nov 17 21:12:19 UTC 2008

A question has come up on another newgroup whethr or not the time can be
disciplined via ntp (or chrony) on a virtual server. I would suspect not
(imagine the mess if both ntp on one virtual server and chrony on another
were both trying to discipline the same hardware clock, and I cannot see
how the virtual OS could keep track of its own separate clock since it only
gets some subset of the time slices on the real system) but perhaps I am
wrong. Can a virtual server discipline its own clock? If not, how is the
adjtimex system call trapped? Surely each virtual machine cannot influence
the real system, which is what would happen if the adjtimex call on each
virtual machine were passed to the adjtimex system call on the real

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