[ntp:questions] Max time adjustment

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Wed Oct 1 06:47:30 UTC 2008

David Woolley <david at ex.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid> writes:

>Richard B. Gilbert wrote:

>> ISTR that "-g" unconditionally sets the clock to whatever time is 
>> supplied by the source(s)!  It should bring your clock to within a few 
>> milliseconds of whatever source(s) was/were used.  This is a ONCE only 
>> setting.  Thereafter, less drastic methods are used and the size of any 
>> correction is subject to "sanity checking".
>Not what the documentation (4.2.4p4) says.  It only says that it removes 
>the 1000 second limit.

Yes. it says exactly that. See the "this can happen only once" line. And
the other docs which say that if ntp is off by more than 128ms it will step
rather than slew. 

>>    -g
>>           Normally,  ntpd  exits  with a message to the system log if the
>>           offset exceeds the panic threshold, which is 1000 s by default.
>>           This  option  allows  the  time  to be set to any value without
>>           restriction;  however,  this  can  happen  only  once.  If  the
>>           threshold is exceeded after that, ntpd will exit with a message
>>           to  the  system log. This option can be used with the -q and -x
>>           options. See the tinker command for other options.

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