[ntp:questions] Max time adjustment

Ryan Malayter malayter at gmail.com
Wed Oct 1 13:19:28 UTC 2008

On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 7:41 AM, Gabrie <thegabeman at gmail.com> wrote:
> Our Active Directory admin wants to start syncing time with our ESX hosts.
> But he has one requirement, he wants me to limit the clock adjustment to max
> 1 hour. So if our ESX host has an incorrect time compared to the ntp server,
> the ESX host should not correct it if it is off more then one hour.
> Which ntp setting can I use for this?

Actually, you should probably to make a setting on the Active
Directory servers, not on your ESX hosts. That way the AD servers will
ignore your source servers if they are acting crazy. I believe the
settings are MaxNegPhaseCorrection and MaxPosPhaseCorrection.



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