[ntp:questions] No libntp.so

Danny Mayer mayer at ntp.isc.org
Wed Oct 1 17:20:25 UTC 2008

Kay Hayen wrote:
>> Please tell us what you are trying to do. You are telling us your solution
>> ( which sounds really bad) instead of the problem you are trying to solve,
>> and then trying to convince the whole communtity to impliment your
>> solution.
> Uhm, well you are right.
> We need to assess NTP status information. We consider the details of every 
> peer of the system, reachability, jitter, etc.
> Ideally as it occurs with no delays. Ideally we would be able to poll() some 
> file descriptor whenever something has changed for an ntpd. I don't think 
> such an interface exists. Short of that we would check it with reasonable 
> frequency.
> We need to do it for many hosts to calculate a "CLOCK" status for the host, 
> and the clock status would e.g. be bad if an ntpd is synchronized to an 
> internal host, but not one the allowed external hosts. There is a set of 
> criterias subject to user configuration.
> We need to be able to actively restrict NTP servers that are out bounds with 
> offsets. Servers that e.g. mishandle a leap second and are 1 second off from 
> that time on, or have other malfunctions, will be disabled that way.
> We need to publish the information for all hosts via SNMP.

Heiko is in the process of implementing an SNMP MIB for NTP so you
should just be able to leverage this when it's complete. Meinberg also
has a monitoring application that you might want to consider.


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