[ntp:questions] Question regarding broadcast client

John Zornig j.zornig at uq.edu.au
Tue Oct 21 08:11:29 UTC 2008

Sorry for the confusion David.

I have two similarly configured situations. The one I posted the  
detailed data from was the easiest to physically get to, but had a  
slightly different network to what I had described in the original  
email. The client machine is connected to a variety of different IP  
subnets including the one with the NTP appliance. It is supporting Xen  
virtual machines, so the networks are virtual in a way.

It has the following config.

NTP appliance ip: netmask:
Client ip: netmask
The broadcast is to

The excerts from the log relating to the ntp appliance network are:
addto_syslog: Listening on interface eth0, Enabled
bind() fd 21, family 2, port 123, addr, flags=25
Added addr to list of addresses
flags for fd 21: 04002
interface 4:  fd=20,  bfd=-1,  name=eth0,  flags=0x19,  scope=0
               sin=  bcast=,  mask=
bind() fd 26, family 2, port 123, addr, flags=8
Added addr to list of addresses
flags for fd 26: 04002
Broadcast enabled on socket 26 for address
Modifying addr in list of addresses
addto_syslog: io_setbclient: Opened broadcast client on interface 4,
socket: 26

I will try running ntpd in a domU virtual machine rather than the dom0  
host and see if this makes a difference.


On 21/10/2008, at 4:53 PM, David Woolley wrote:

> John Zornig wrote:
>> Enabled
>> interface 7:  fd=23,  bfd=-1,  name=eth1,  flags=0x19,  scope=0
>>               sin=  bcast=,  mask=
> It's failed to find the interface on which you are listening.  Why so
> many?  Is the target interface real?
> I seem to remember there are some issues with virtual interfaces on  
> Linux.
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