[ntp:questions] list posts in UTF-8

Rob van der Putten rob at sput.nl
Mon Oct 27 12:45:01 UTC 2008

Hi there

David Woolley wrote:


> Strictly speaking, there is no standard that permits non-ASCII material 
> on USENET, although the de facto position is that MIME is permitted. 
> There are still some important USENET user agents that are not MIME 
> aware and USENET can get transported over non-TCP channels.

 From RFC 3977;
Although the protocol specification in this document is largely
compatible with the version specified in RFC 977 [RFC977], a number
of changes are summarised in Appendix D.  In particular:

  o  the default character set is changed from US-ASCII [ANSI1986] to
    UTF-8 [RFC3629] (note that US-ASCII is a subset of UTF-8);

That's transport, not content.
For content the RFC refers to MIME.


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