[ntp:questions] ntp clients out of sync with server

David Woolley david at ex.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid
Tue Oct 28 21:38:56 UTC 2008

naihong at gmail.com wrote:
> I know should appear in any clients'  configure file. But
> without this statement, the display from ntpq -p,  only display the
> client out of sync with server. I mean tally '*' is missing from

In that case the server is being treated as invalid.  You will need to 
provide the output of the ntpq rv command, run against the association 
id (assoc subcommand) of the server.

If you have any w32time servers upstream of you, please note that 
w32time doesn't honour the maximum distance heuristic, so will report a 
low stratum number even when the root dispersion is impossibly high, 
because the server hasn't been synchronised for many days, e.g we have 
one in the office that is reporting stratum three, even though it has 
not been synchronised for so long that the time is almost 7 seconds out.

> server, I did not know which time the client  followed.  So add
>, just make sure the client sync to its own clock. At

Clients are ALWAYS synchronised to their own clock (for NTPv4)!

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