[ntp:questions] Preffered OS for a GPS based stratum 1

Terje Mathisen terje.mathisen at hda.hydro.com
Fri Oct 31 07:59:06 UTC 2008

Spiffed wrote:
> I've dug up an Oncore GT+ GPS receiver, matching antenna, and PPS 
> stretching converter box. WinOncore shows a 'Time Solution one sigma' of 
> 38ns, so it seems to be an acceptable ref clock for my purposes.
> After surveying the computing hardware available, a Sun Ultra10 seems to 
> keep the best time and is otherwise unused.
> What OS do you recomend for the Ultra? Off the top of my head, I'm 
> considering Solaris (is there PPS support in Solaris 10?), FreeBSD or 
> NetBSD. My understanding is Linux 2.6 PPS support is rough at best.

FreeBSD is the canonical OS for a PPS box, search for some of phk's 
articles on this subject!


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