[ntp:questions] ntp-keygen problem in ntp-4.2.4p5

youpak2000 at yahoo.com youpak2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 2 20:09:07 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I installed the new ntp-4.2.4p5 in Redhat 7.2 and I noticed that ntp-
keygen doesn’t works as it used to work in previous versions. I tried
to generate Autokey keys and certificates
but it doesn’t work as you can see bellow. Is it a bug or I am missing
something? Did they change the ntp-keygen without updating its
# ntp-keygen -H
ntp-keygen: illegal option – H
ntp-keygen (ntp) - Create a NTP host key - Ver. 4.2.4p5
USAGE:  ntp-keygen [ -<flag> [<val>] | --<name>[{=| }<val>] ]...
  Flg Arg Option-Name    Description
   -d no  debug-level    Increase output debug message level
   -D Str set-debug-level Set the output debug message level
   -M no  md5key         generate MD5 keys
   -v opt version        Output version information and exit
   -? no  help           Display usage information and exit
   -! no  more-help      Extended usage information passed thru pager
   -> opt save-opts      Save the option state to a config file
   -< Str load-opts      Load options from a config file

Options are specified by doubled hyphens and their name
or by a single hyphen and the flag character.

please send bug reports to:  http://bugs.ntp.isc.org, bugs at ntp.org



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