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Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Sun Sep 7 18:19:05 UTC 2008

>>> In article <48c393fb$0$522$5a6aecb4 at news.aaisp.net.uk>, David Woolley <david at ex.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid> writes:

David> Harlan Stenn wrote:
>> If you use iburst in your config files and have a "good" value in the
>> ntp.drift file, ntpd should sync up and be ready to go in about 11
>> seconds.

David> It may be in error by up to 128ms under these circumstances, which
David> will take an hour or so to correct, during which there will be
David> significant frequency excursions.  Note that this isn't a consequence
David> of iburst, iburst simply means that it will accept the current local
David> time faster.

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