[ntp:questions] Finding out where ntpd gets its ntp.conf file

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Mon Sep 8 22:30:53 UTC 2008

>>>>> "Joseph" == Joseph Gwinn <joegwinn at comcast.net> writes:

Joseph> so we cleaned [ntp.conf] down to maybe three lines, and 
Joseph> then stopped and started ntpd using the "service" utility.

Joseph> Read the "service" shell script.  It appears to get its file
Joseph> paths from environment variables named after the thing being
Joseph> started and stopped and accessible only in the root environment

I read through most of the replies so far, but one thing I haven't seen
noted is that this isn't an ntp issue at all, but rather that you were
using system(8) as a black box.

Anyone starting or stopping daemons needs to know how the distribution
in use does it and should emulate that as close as possible.

I haven't used RH is years, and am not familiar with system(8) or how
well it is documented (and am writing this while offline and so cannot
look it up), but it is almost always the case that things will break if
services are started in anything other than a root login or su - session.
Even when using sudo(8) it is best to 'su -' before starting daemons.

Anyone administrating any box simply needs to know how the specific
distribtuion does things in order to safely customize the install.

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