[ntp:questions] Reachable and rejected

Steve Kostecke kostecke at ntp.org
Wed Sep 10 23:20:26 UTC 2008

On 2008-09-10, Dave Close <dave at compata.com> wrote:

> I hope I didn't miss an easy answer while reading the FAQ, list
> archive, and other documents online. I have some systems which are
> separated from their time servers by a NAT proxy. Those which are not
> separated seem to work just fine but those beyond the proxy don't keep
> time correctly. For example, on one of them I got this output:

The system shown below has no problem polling the remote time servers.
So you can rule out NAT as a problem.

> # ntpq -p
>  remote    refid     st t when poll reach delay  offset jitter
> ==============================================================
> server-1  2 u   52   64  377  2.022 -41630. 19.566
> server-2  2 u    6   64  377  2.121 -41601. 19.996

This ntpd was 41.6 seconds away from the those servers at the time this
billboard was taken. That is a very large offset.

I would check in the syslog and see if ntpd is having to step the clock.
If that is the case you need to fix whatever is causing this massive

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