[ntp:questions] LAN synch question

rochertov at gmail.com rochertov at gmail.com
Thu Sep 11 20:00:37 UTC 2008

   I am conducting research with TDMA on a wired emulated network.  I
want all of the machines in the experiment to have the same time.
Ideally, the maximum offset would be on the order of 100 micro-
seconds.  The machines are connected by a 1 Gbps LAN so delay is not a
problem. Additionally, I don't care about the correctness of the clock
compared to global time.  I am curious what is he best way to set this
up.  I was thinking to have on dedicated ntp server that operated in
broadcast mode, and also configure the clients to poll it every 16
seconds.  Additionally, there are two planes: experimental and
control.  Since the experimental traffic is separated from the control
traffic, there should be little variance in delay for ntp packets.



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