[ntp:questions] NTP and SNTP in the end, give me precision of 1ms?

Marcelo Pimenta marcelopimentacs at gmail.com
Sat Sep 13 15:46:58 UTC 2008

Hello everybody!

I am new here and I have a question that envolves NTP and SNTP
I work with LAN systems and protocols that needs 1milisecond of
precision(not resolution). I always use a GPS clock like Meinberg with
Ethernet port to be my NTP/SNTP Server. The clients of this LAN are
equipments in the same subnetwork and they are SNTP clients. So we have the
hierarchical system:

GPS Meinberg Clock - NTP/SNTP Server (Stratum 0?)
 Equipments with SNTP client using the Stratum 0 Server

It always worked very well but I want to know if I mix NTP Servers and
Clients with SNTP client, It will give me precision in the end? Let's
imagine the hierarchical system below:
GPS Clock - NTP Server (Stratum 0?)
Workstation - NTP Client and Server (Stratum 1?)
Workstation - NTP/SNTP Client and Server (Stratum 2?)
Equipments with SNTP client implemented using the Stratum 2 Server.

The NTP algorithm will give the precision of 1ms in the end, to the SNTP
Clients? I know that the first solution is better and to be sure of the
answer, it will depends on the network traffic, CPU, OS, etc but in theory
this solution works for 1ms precision?

Thank you everybody

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