[ntp:questions] NTP on LAN

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Thu Sep 18 15:57:50 UTC 2008

05IT042 <raghuramos1987 at gmail.com> writes:

>I'm totally new to NTP. Please excuse any noob questions. What I want
>is this...

>I have 2 computers connected on the same lan. I want one of them to be
>set up as a NTP server and the other to be setup as a NTP client. This
>is my initial goal. I tried giving the ip address of the server in the
>client's /etc/ntp.conf file and i gave localhost( in the

And just what would that do? You are asking your computer to ask itself
what the time is and to adjust its own clock so it shows the same time as
it does itself. You need to find a computer or a system that has a better
of idea of time that the computer does itself. eg pool.ntp.org

If those two computers are not tied to the rest of the net at all, then the
LOCAL refclock could be used but again is a bad idea.

>servers /etc/ntp.conf file. After this how do i go about checking if
>they're even getting synchronized or anything at all? Also some links

ntpq -p will show the state of the system and its sources.

>for learning more would also be appreciated.


>OS: Ubuntu Hardy Heron on both server and client.
>Thanks in advance.

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