[ntp:questions] client switches to new server unexpectedly

Larry Hayes lhayesg at gmail.com
Tue Sep 23 18:58:27 UTC 2008


I am fairly new to NTP, so bare with me if my terminology is not standard.

I am running autokey with an IFF schema.

I have 3 time servers in my network.
When checking stats on these I am seeing bad auth packets coming from my ntp
clients. At the time of the bad auth I am seeing Key Id: 00000003 coming
from the client, which causes the server to send Key Id: 00000000.

Which starts the syncronization process again.
On some clients this is happening 15 to 40 minute intervals, on others is it
happening approximately 2 hr intervals.

Any ideas on what is causeing the client to send a Key Id of 00000003?


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