[ntp:questions] ntp stratum

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.neither-this-part.nor-this-bit.co.uk
Sat Sep 27 11:35:14 UTC 2008

stephaneguedon wrote:
> The stratum is really 3 !

How do you know that?  It depends on what stratum the servers you are sync 
from claim to be.

> but when I run ntpdate from my computer (not the server himself), I
> get strange answer... Like :
> server, stratum 16, offset -0.542495, delay 0.02582
> 27 Sep 13:24:57 ntpdate[14545]: step time server offset
> -0.542495 sec

ntpq -p is helpful to see what servers you are actually syncing to.  Show 
us the output from this command.  A "*" in the first column shows the 
server your system is currently syncing from, and a "reach" value of "0" 
means you are not connecting to a particular server.


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