[ntp:questions] Max time adjustment

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Tue Sep 30 22:45:56 UTC 2008

David Woolley wrote:
> Gabrie wrote:
>> Our Active Directory admin wants to start syncing time with our ESX 
>> hosts.
>> But he has one requirement, he wants me to limit the clock adjustment 
>> to max
>> 1 hour. So if our ESX host has an incorrect time compared to the ntp 
>> server,
>> the ESX host should not correct it if it is off more then one hour.
>> Which ntp setting can I use for this?
> Don't use -g.  ntpd will then abort if one tries to change the time by 
> more than 1000 seconds.  I.E., by default, ntpd will not allow a large 
> correction.

ISTR that "-g" unconditionally sets the clock to whatever time is 
supplied by the source(s)!  It should bring your clock to within a few 
milliseconds of whatever source(s) was/were used.  This is a ONCE only 
setting.  Thereafter, less drastic methods are used and the size of any 
correction is subject to "sanity checking".

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