[ntp:questions] Ntp looses sync

Towli towli at oldboyz.dk
Wed Apr 1 09:22:24 UTC 2009

Hello all

We're testing a DCF77 appliance box (EMC professional from www.gude.info), 
which every now and the looses its connection to the DCF77 signal and 
switches over to quartz mode. Upon doing this, our test switch looses its 
sync to it, and considers it a stratum 11 server instead of a stratum 1. The 
switch also has configured an "ordinary" stratum 5 windows-server, and it 
seems to me that it uses this one, when the appliance box is seen as being 
stratum 11 (and syslog says the switch lost ntp-sync to the stratum 11 
appliance box, but syncs back when the DCF77 signal is restored).

Will a switch allways use the lower stratum server? Can i stop the switch 
from synching with other servers (when the dcf box looses its signal and 
runs in the otherwise reliable quarts-mode), while still having a backup ntp 
server configured in case the appliance bos goes down?  Is a constant sync 
important or is it ok for the switch to synch with different servers 'along 
the way'?

I thank you all for your kindness so far.

/Towli - Denmark 

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