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David Mills mills at udel.edu
Sat Apr 4 02:11:33 UTC 2009


You may be amused that the first C-language NTP implemented following 
the Fuzzball was by Dennis Fergusson for an embedded processor with no 
operating system. He was so paranoid as to avoid the Unix printf and 
scanf routines. If you look closely around the present day libntp you 
can still see his fingerprints.


Richard B. Gilbert wrote:

>Varrun Ashok wrote:
>>Hello everybody,   Why does ntp (ntp-4.2.4p4 in specific) require an operating
>>system? I use embedded Linux (kernel-2.6.23-rc3+Busybox+grub) to run ntpd and
>>ntpq.I would like to run NTP (ntpd and ntpq) in a product developent kit of
>>LPC 2378 microcontroller that does not have support for uClinux,Linux or
>>WINCE.Is it possible?Can I use a part of the source code inside the
>>ntp4.2.4p4.tar.gz package and compile it and run it without any OS.Please give
>>me your suggestions,links and other materials that answer the above
>It does not require an operating system per se.  It does require some 
>services usually supplied by an operating system.  From memory, I can 
>tell you that it needs read(), write(), malloc(), and free().  I believe 
>that inspection of the source code would reveal several more!
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