[ntp:questions] NTP - orphan mode with SAME stratum ("tos orphan 6") FAIL to sync.

sheikdawoodrajali at gmail.com sheikdawoodrajali at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 06:51:02 UTC 2009

Thank you very much for your explanation.

I went through the definitions of NTP "correctness interval,
intersection algorithm and majority subset".

The broadcast was successful after adding shim (Setting "tos mindist
0.010") to the correctness interval. It worked fine once but when I
again the time-sync was -not- successful. Could it be a problem in the
network configuration(s) -or- something else ?

[Mills] The intersection algorithm is discarding all packets because
you have only two sources and there is no majority subset.

[Dawood] I assume the systems with SAME stratum "orphan stratum 6"
identically configured both as broadcast client and broadcast server
Island") will work fine  WITHOUT a shim IF there are more than TWO


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