[ntp:questions] Best Ntp Practice

Towli towli at oldboyz.dk
Mon Apr 13 11:01:49 UTC 2009

Hello all

We have found a decent location for our 2 DCF77 boxe's and I am going to 
configure our environment for using these.
Would best practice be to configure 2 core (Cisco) switches to use the two 
DCF boxes like this: ntp server (ip of DCF 1) prefer, ntp server (ip of DCF 
2) and then hereafter i am considering entering a third "regular" reachable 
Ntp-server. Will the servers be prefered in the order they are entered on 
the switches?
I will then point all our other networking equipment to the 2 mentioned core 
switches for NTP data (in case you in here "ok's" it). How can i make sure 
that the core switches is handing out ntp data (is there a special command 
for this ?). The reason i am considering a setup like this is, that the DCF 
looses their stratum 1 status when (if) they loose connectivity to 
Frankfurt. With the setup i describe only the 2 cores switches needs to sync 
to another NTP-server (like DCF nr 2 or the 3.rd configured server)
I am realy looking forward to a comment as i am a newbie on this.

Best regards from Denmark

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