[ntp:questions] logconfig configkeyword , keyword(s0 , where deifned & some heady example(s) .

David Mills mills at udel.edu
Wed Apr 22 17:53:38 UTC 2009


You should see the notice at the beginning of the online documentation 
page. There is a wealth of additional innformation on the public 
services web pages. The original author of the option text you found 
apparently believed something other than the official syntax. I fixed it.


Mr. James W. Laferriere wrote:

> 	Hello All ,  I've not done an exhaustive search for examples .
> 	But ntp.org website is supposed to be the 'Reference' for the 
>documentation of ntpd .
> 	Where is a more verbose description for configuration purposes ?
> 	Also the logconfig does not like the '='s sign .  It does appreciate a ' ' instead .
> 		Tia ,  JimL
>logconfig configkeyword
>     This command controls the amount and type of output written to the system 
>syslog facility or the alternate logfile log file. All configkeyword keywords 
>can be prefixed with =, + and -, where = sets the syslogmask, + adds and - 
>removes messages. syslog messages can be controlled in four classes (clock, 
>peer, sys and sync). Within these classes four types of messages can be 
>controlled: informational messages (info), event messages (events), statistics 
>messages (statistics) and status messages (status).
>     Configuration keywords are formed by concatenating the message class with 
>the event class. The all prefix can be used instead of a message class. A 
>message class may also be followed by the all keyword to enable/disable all 
>messages of the respective message class. By default, logconfig output is set to 
>     Thus, a minimal log configuration could look like this:
>     logconfig=syncstatus +sysevents
>         This would just list the synchronizations state of ntpd and the major 
>system events. For a simple reference server, the following minimum message 
>configuration could be useful:
>     logconfig=allsync +allclock
>         This configuration will list all clock information and synchronization 
>information. All other events and messages about peers, system events and so on 
>is suppressed.
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