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Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Tue Feb 3 19:21:10 UTC 2009

>>> In article <2eea3363-767e-44f4-8d85-17d9838d6a78 at r28g2000vbp.googlegroups.com>, SteveInTallyFL <auerbachs2006 at embarqmail.com> writes:

SteveInTallyFL> Can one of you experienced NTP folks please verify the
SteveInTallyFL> reasonableness and safety of this time plan.  Thanks.

SteveInTallyFL> 2 servers in my DMZ and 1 internal server getting time from
SteveInTallyFL> 0 - 4.us.pool.ntp.org and peered with each other

SteveInTallyFL> 4 internal servers in an Oracle Real Application Cluster,
SteveInTallyFL> each pointing to these 3 three servers, also peered to each
SteveInTallyFL> other.

SteveInTallyFL> Question: If these four cluster servers are getting time
SteveInTallyFL> from the three peers is there anything gained or lost by
SteveInTallyFL> peering them to each other?

I like having client server boxes peer with each other because it makes it
real easy to see how things are doing on just by running 'ntpq -p'.

This may be less important if you have comprehensive monitoring of all your

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