[ntp:questions] Is function time_pps_kcbind essential for PPS support?

Andrius Burokas (PPC) A.Burokas at omnitel.net
Thu Feb 5 08:07:26 UTC 2009


  I would like to know if the PPSAPI must implement the optional (by
RFC-2783) function time_pps_kcbind?

  I see in the source, that without the function's implementation, the
PPSAPI is not initialized. How does that affect the work with PPS interface

/* /ntpd/refclock_atom.c: */
if (pp->sloppyclockflag & CLK_FLAG3) {
  if (time_pps_kcbind(up->handle, PPS_KC_HARDPPS, up->pps_params.mode &
    msyslog(LOG_ERR, "refclock_atom: time_pps_kcbind failed: %m");
    return (0);
  pps_enable = 1;

  Short introduction:
  We are trying to synchronize PC's with PPS signals. We are using Ubuntu OS
with latest kernel (2.6.27 series). We did recompiled it with latest PPSAPI
supporting patch of LinuxPPS. The exact patch was taken from here. All went
well, untill we got a message "refclock_atom: time_pps_kcbind failed". Is
that a blocker for further PPS usage or not?

Thank You


Andrius Burokas
Semiconductor Physics Institute
Vilnius, Lithuania

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