[ntp:questions] Time synchronization

Rob nomail at example.com
Sat Feb 7 20:43:02 UTC 2009

Dave Hart <davehart at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Feb 6, 5:35 pm, rxd1... at louisiana.edu (Dahal Runa) wrote:
>> gpsd: Packet discard of 35, chars remaining is 0 =
>> gpsd: <= GPS: $GPZDA,220649.000,05,02,2009,,*51
>> gpsd: pps-detect (DCD) on /dev/ttyM0 changed to 0
>> gpsd: PPS pulse rejected. No fix.
>> gpsd: pps-detect (DCD) on /dev/ttyM0 changed to 1
>> gpsd: PPS pulse rejected. No fix.
> There is nothing in the $GPZDA sentence to indicate whether the GPS
> has a good fix.  My hunch is gpsd wants you to enable the GPS to send
> $GPMRC, $GPGGA, or $GPGLL, or another sentence which has a fix
> indication available which gpsd understands.

That could well be the cause.
But note that the debug logs have been made while ntpd and gpsd have
been running only very briefly.
This is not useful.  One would need to run the whole thing for
at least 15-30 minutes to have any meaningful results to display.

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