[ntp:questions] ntpd failure on ioctl(I_SETSIG, S_INPUT): Bbad address

Frank Kardel kardel at ntp.org
Sun Feb 8 17:41:08 UTC 2009

Danny Mayer wrote:
> Harlan Stenn wrote:
>>>>> In article <977AD296BDAF2F428CF7028F923E4A200AF1A3D6 at earth.impinj.com>, wayne.liu at impinj.com (Wayne Liu) writes:
>> Wayne> Hello All; I'm running the latest ntp-4.2.4p6 on Linux 2.6.18 and I
>> Wayne> got the following up front when I start ntpd: =========== ntpd
>> Wayne> 4.2.4p6 at 1.1549 Fri Feb 6 02:09:46 UTC 2009 (3) ....  setsockopt
>> Wayne> SO_TIMESTAMP enabled on fd 16 address bind() fd 16, family 2,
>> Wayne> port 123, addr, flags=0x89 addto_syslog: init_socket_sig:
>> Wayne> ioctl(I_SETSIG, S_INPUT) failed: Bad address ==========
>> Wayne> From the kernel code it seems that "Bad address" is due to I_SETSIG not
>> Wayne> being supported by sock as an ioctl cmd, which is then passed down to
>> Wayne> dev_ioctl underneath which rejects the arg S_INPUT as bad address.
>> The configure choices for USE_UDP_SIGPOLL were done a long time ago and
>> might have changed.
> I think that's what Frank implemented recently for dynamic interface
> notification.

Nope. I didn't fiddle there. I didn't even have to go near the IO/SIGNAL
setup code.

EFAULT usually means that there is an invalid address. Usually 
unsupported options are indicated by EINVAL.

Looking into configuration on Linux everything is fine.
SIGPOLL is not detected (config.h /* #undef USE_UDP_SIGPOLL */)
ntp 4.2.4p6 works as designed.

Looking at configure USE_UDP_SIGPOLL is not used if configure finds 
as host specification. Maybe your distro has a different host

> Danny
>> I'd appreciate learning how to discern the correct answer for your case.
>> I do not know what the correct answer is...

Best regards,

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