[ntp:questions] Garmin 18 LVC: whether to fudge

shane-dated-1234940584 at csy.ca shane-dated-1234940584 at csy.ca
Wed Feb 11 17:08:31 UTC 2009

>Chris Adams wrote:
>> Once upon a time, Richard B. Gilbert <rgilbert88 at comcast.net> said:
>>>My bet would be that there is an asymmetry in your ADSL link!   If I'm
>>>not mistaken, the "A" in ADSL stands for asymmetric!
>> The asymmetry in ADSL is in bandwidth, not path or latency.  More
>> frequency space is used for downstream (ISP->end user) communication
>> than for upstream, but both travel the same path.

Yeah, figured it was either interrupt latency or ADSL but thought ntpd might
be able to factor the ADSL link out of the offset.  Is there any way I can
do this manually?  As far as I could tell, fudge time1 only works for a
refclock driver and not an internet server.


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