[ntp:questions] Garmin 18 LVC: whether to fudge

Uwe Klein uwe_klein_habertwedt at t-online.de
Wed Feb 11 20:03:42 UTC 2009

Richard B. Gilbert wrote:

> The difference in bandwidth would mean that a packet of N bytes would 
> take more time in one direction than the other!  I don't know if that 
> would be sufficient to account for the observed behavior but I can't 
> think of another explanation.

There is more to it.
look up "fastpath adls". throughput and latency are coupled
in funny _and_ variable ways for *DSL .

My DSL provider recently tested variable connection setups
where allocated bandwidth for upstream and downstream traffic
(and the summ of both) is optimised for max throughput
( depending on the copper line utilisation, the weather and how
much money I have in the bank ;-).
Retraining happens on a regular basis.


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