[ntp:questions] Experimental ntpd for Windows

Adri Koppes A.Koppes at inter.nl.net
Fri Feb 13 20:06:21 UTC 2009

Dave Hart <davehart at gmail.com> wrote:

>Are you using ntpd on Windows and dissatisfied with its timekeeping?
>I have a patched ntpd with changes intended to improve its accuracy
>that could use some wider testing.  Source and binaries are linked to


I download
Ntpd.exe runs fine on a Windows 2003 server, but fails on a Windows 2000
When I try to start ntpd, using 'net start ntp', an error is logged:

Application popup: ntpd.exe - Entry Point Not Found : The procedure entry
point getnameinfo could not be located in the dynamic link library

Do you think this is caused by using the newer VC 2008 compiler and
libraries, or did you make some changes to the ntpd code, which uses


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