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Sun Feb 22 02:46:03 UTC 2009

In article <ZlLnl.12817$Db2.742 at edtnps83>, Unruh <unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca> writes:

> cnm3332 at gmail.com writes:
>> We have been using NTP for long time, and it always converged to sub
>> millisecond accuracy very quickly.  Of course we used burst and iburst
>> options in conf file, but I had disabled those on MOXA board, out of
>> worries about CPU usage.  I would say our requirements are at least
>> 100usec accuracy for time, and that it synchronize within 5 minutes.  NTP
>> on our fast x86 machine

Unruh> Youwill not get that from ntp. Mills has explicitely stated that he
Unruh> is completely uninterested in any questin of speed of convergence of
Unruh> ntp. For him the slow convergence is a feature, not a bug.

Assuming you have accurately relayed Dave's POV, Bill, I'd be open to seeing
if we can take Dave's policy choice and making it the default choice for a
config file knob (mechanism) that would allow folks to get faster

I suspect that the only way this would fly is if the simulator (and Reality)
can show that the alternative choice is "stable".  And the scope of this
effort might be larger than (simulating) the behavior on a single machine -
it might require analysis on a network of machines.

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