[ntp:questions] Reference Clock / shared memory driver

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Jan 29 03:26:52 UTC 2009

stuart clark wrote:
> I have a server prefer minpoll 4 entry in my ntp.conf
> file. i have no other server entries in the ntp.conf file. This server
> entry creates a shared memory segment on startup with a defined shared
> memory "key".
> I have an application which i start manually which uses the "key" to
> write a shmTime value to, see(http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mills/ntp/
> html/drivers/driver28.html). The app is correctly setting the valid
> and count fields when it updates the shmTime value.
> I use a system clock time from another application via a 1553 bus from
> another machine to set clockTimeStamp and receiveTimeStamp fields.
> i have debug code in my app which writes to standard out when the
> valid field has been cleared, ie ntpd has read the shared memory
> segment. The rate at which this vlid field is cleared is correct, at
> 16 seconds (this set by the minpoll 4 param ,ie 2**4).
> The problem is do NOT see my system clock being updated after the ntpd
> has read the shared memory getment.
> As i am completely new to ntpd i have struggled thru the man pages
> etc.
> Question 1 = Am i correct in saying i think the problem is the
> difference in the two machine clocks is greater than 128 ms. from the
> man pages i understand ntpd wont adjust a clock if the time diff is
> more than +- 128 ms.
If the clock is off by too great an amount you can force ntpd to set the 
clock on a once only basis by using "ntpd -g".

> Question 2 = i can/have used the ntpdate command to sync the two
> system clocks. to do this on the server machine i start the ntpd, but
> on the client machine i call ntpdate BEFORE i start the ntpd. now the
> problem is verifying any differences of less than 128 are being
> corerectly adjusted on the client machine.

This will work but ntpd -g does pretty much the same thing with one 
command instead of two.

Is there some reason to believe that the client machine is NOT adjusting 
its clock correctly?  You can run ntpdate with the -D option while ntpd 
is running and it will tell you what correction it would apply to the 
clock at the instant you asked.  Note that ntpdate is deprecated!

Also note that ntpd needs at least thirty minutes after a cold start to 
beat the clock into submission!  Depending on how cold the cold start 
was it may take longer; e.g. if you've been storing your computer in an 
unheated garage with the temperatures below -20 degrees F, ntpd might 
need 24 hours or more to settle down to really accurate time keeping.
The moral of this story is "don't shut it down".  The second moral is, 
if you MUST shut it down, don't believe the time until the temperature
has been stable for several hours.

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