[ntp:questions] Keeping NTP Honest

Evandro Menezes evandro at mailinator.com
Mon Jul 13 16:39:26 UTC 2009

On Jul 12, 3:21 pm, Unruh <unruh-s... at physics.ubc.ca> wrote:
> The way ntp works, faster polling also means worse rate estimation and
> more annoyance of the providers of the time. The current setup is done
> that way to try to minimize the rate error, so if your sconnection to
> ntp goes down, your system can freewheel with the greatest accuracy.

But that's the issue: NTP allows for good freewheeling if it comes to
that, provided that the system maintained in STP and in a vacuum.

In the real world, ambient temperature changes frequently even in
conditioned environments, network load affects packet jitter, etc.
And all this also affects a system's peers, compounding the issue of
NTP's slow reaction time.


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