[ntp:questions] Keeping NTP Honest

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Tue Jul 14 22:12:03 UTC 2009

"David J Taylor" <david-taylor at blueyonder.not-this-part.nor-this.co.uk.invalid> writes:

>Unruh wrote:
>> Unless someone comes online wanting to port it to Windows, windows
>> support is a pretty remote possibility.
>> chrony now has support for the shm ref-clock, and any refclock can be
>> interfaced through that. It also has as of a week ago, support for
>> kernel PPS I believe. Both of these are still in beta test and
>> supplied
>> by M Lichvar.

>Thanks, Bill, but these are useless to me (and 90% of the computer 
>population) unless it works with Windows.

You asked if there was Windows support OR refclock support, not AND.
Also, if you want time accuracy, don't run windows in the first place.
If you run windows, then the additional accuracy chrony could give you
is irrelevant anyway. ntp is good enough for Windows:-).

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