[ntp:questions] Keeping NTP Honest

Evandro Menezes evandro at mailinator.com
Wed Jul 15 16:45:28 UTC 2009

On Jul 15, 6:22 am, "Richard B. Gilbert" <rgilber... at comcast.net>
> There is no problem unless you insist on shutting down your system
> frequently.

That's not the only case.  In the real world, ambient temperature
changes frequently even in air-conditioned environments, system load
affect its internal temperature, network load affects packet jitter,
etc.  And all this also affects a system's peers, compounding the
issue of NTP's slow reaction time.

It seems to me that NTP can only work well with a PPS source.  For the
rest of us, it seems to work only in conditions similar to
Delaware. :-)

> The subject line seems poorly worded.  There is no question of honesty
> or dishonesty in the usual sense of those words.

But I'm sure that you've come across these words as an idiom, haven't
you? ;-)


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