[ntp:questions] Keeping NTP Honest

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Thu Jul 16 02:00:57 UTC 2009

David Woolley wrote:
> Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
>> David Woolley wrote:
>>> Such improvements are unlikely as it turns out that the subject of 
>>> this thread is an area where Dave Mills refuses to acknowledge a 
>>> problem.
>> There is no problem unless you insist on shutting down your system 
>> frequently.
> So, basically, as long as you act irresponsibly with respect to use of 
> energy and other resources, you will have no problem.
> Powering down is often the optimum way of minimising energy usage and 
> maximising the time till land fill.
> To avoid temperature transients entirely, you would need top end air 
> condiitioning and you would have to disable power management in the 
> hardware, and generate make work for both the CPU and things like disk 
> seek mechanisms, to ensure that temperatures were constant and even.

My machines run 24x7.  They don't suck THAT much power.

Time to "land fill" is not a consideration.  Some of my machines are ten 
years old!  Land fill time is when the machine can no longer meet my 
needs.  I tend to be the time limiting factor in the loop; I can only 
read so fast, type so fast. . . .

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