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> >One thing you could try would be to put your clock in a thermostatically 
> >controlled oven.  I'm not talking about something you could bake a pizza 
> >in, but rather something that will keep 140 degrees F +/- half a degree. 
> 140 is pretty warm.  That will reduce the lifetime of most
> electronics quite a bit.


I'm not sure what environment you work in, but 60C is not hot or even
pretty warm. Most electronics (semiconductors) are speced to run at MUCH
higher temperatures. Modern CPUs are speced for continuous operation at
>90C. I have not had a laptop in several years that idled at much under
60C and none has run under any real load at under 60C.

If the electronics can't handle 60C, it is junk. Real-world tests of
operating servers in ambient temperatures of 40C has shown no early
failure and no real problems at all. Modern electronics are simply not
that delicate.
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