[ntp:questions] Server down but time staying in sync

raju dantuluri dsraju0 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 00:26:57 UTC 2009

Steve, thanks for the comment!
here it is (actually I have posted the configuration file above) with
the ntpq output,

$cat /etc/ntp.conf
restrict default ignore
server iburst
$ntpq -np
     remote           refid      st t when poll reach   delay
offset  jitter
*   3 u  65h 1024    0    0.514
-3.268   0.000
$ntpq -crv
assID=0 status=0654 leap_none, sync_ntp, 5 events, event_peer/
version="ntpd 4.2.4p3 at 1.1502-o Fri Dec  5 09:59:41 UTC 2008 (1)",
processor="i686", system="Linux/", leap=00, stratum=4,
precision=-20, rootdelay=166.698, rootdispersion=3534.474, peer=7371,
reftime=ce06b6fd.5ed9de53  Tue, Jul 14 2009  0:49:17.370, poll=10,
clock=ce0a42c6.9f87200e  Thu, Jul 16 2009 17:22:30.623, state=4,
offset=-3.268, frequency=89.969, jitter=1.617, noise=3.998,
stability=0.297, tai=0
thanks, -raju

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