[ntp:questions] Testing Sync Across Several Systems

Todd Glassey tglassey at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 20 15:20:31 UTC 2009

T wrote:
> Greetings:
> We have about 50 Linux/Solaris/Windows boxes running ntpd at several
> different sites. Some of the systems from time to time go out of sync.
> My question is there a way to test ntpd machines are all in sync with
> the master server?
Sure run a peering based log capture scenario and then have one or more 
of the systems send out alarms.
> I was thinking of using ssh to get on to each machine to do a date and
> then go back to the master and do a date and compare, but this seems
> problematic at best. What do people do to check that all machines are
> in sync?
> Thanks in Advanced for any help.
>    Tom
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