[ntp:questions] Local (own site) NTP servers.

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.not-this-part.nor-this.co.uk.invalid
Thu Jul 23 13:51:38 UTC 2009

G8KBV wrote:
> Wonder if this will get posed, or returned to me..
> Hi...
> Been lurking for a while.
> Also, been messing about trying to get a local (to me) GPS
> Disciplined NTP server working, based on David Taylor's work
> with FreeBSD, I think I have one of those configured OK, but
> I've got other issues with FreeBSD on that machine that sort
> of prevent me using it for unattended "appliance" use.  It
> keeps generating system emails for the Root user, and I can't
> find out why!  Other than its something about recovered editor
> files?
> So...  I'm about to try a couple of Windows "solutions"
> (opportunities)


I have since retired the FreeBSD server in favour of Windows 2000 and XP 
systems which can provide a good enough offset for me (within a 
millisecond or so).  Look at the three systems here:


Feenix - lightly loaded XP system

Stamsund - heavily used interactive XP system

Bacchus - lightly loaded windows 2000 system, with occasional 100% CPU 
load from a weekly defrag (today's defrag would not do this).

> However, while involved in something else, this came to my
> attention....
> http://bifferos.bizhat.com/

My FreeBSD system ran on a 48MB 133MHz pentium system, so not dissimilar 
in power.  But having a router box you could simply convert might be 
easier.  You can use serial-to-USB convertors and not loose too much 


> Now, I realise the clock speed is not that quick by modern
> standards, but could that have enough "grunt" to work as a
> GPSDNTP server for a small low traffic LAN?..
> Enough waffle from me...
> Regards to All..
> Dave Baxter.
> G0WBX.

Sounds a fascinating project, Dave.  Too much QRN from all the computers 
here to do too much radio!


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