[ntp:questions] Local (own site) NTP servers.

Dave Baxter g8kbv at nospam.uko2.co.uk
Thu Jul 23 14:12:16 UTC 2009

Hi David..

Yes, I've been following your progress with your various servers, 
impressive, but I struggle to get the time to "keep up" these days.

OK on the sort of hardware your FreeBSD system ran on, so by the sound 
of it that BifferBoard thing might work OK.  I just need to find someone 
relatively local to me who's a bit of an Embedded FreeBSD/Linux guru.  
Few and far between, or they keep themselves well hidden ;-)

I presume you mean QRM (Man made) as oposed to QRN (Natural) 
interference from all the digital kit.  Slip of finger on keys no doubt.

All good fun, until neighborhood PLT comes by.


Dave B.

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