[ntp:questions] Local (own site) NTP servers.

Dave Baxter g8kbv at nospam.uko2.co.uk
Fri Jul 24 11:28:19 UTC 2009

In article <4a68f2e9$0$31032$5a6aecb4 at news.aaisp.net.uk>, 
david at ex.djwhome.demon.co.uk.invalid says...
> G8KBV wrote:
> > Wonder if this will get posed, or returned to me..
> As far as I know, Google groups rejects synchronously.  A direct NNTP 
> client certainly would.
> > 
> > So...  I'm about to try a couple of Windows "solutions"
> > (opportunities)  One the "Tardis" program, that would appear
> Unless you are using an MS-DOS based Windows (ME was the last) I can see 
> no point whatsoever in using a shareware program with unknown internals 
> when the official version of NTP is available as open source!  There is 
> no certainty about the internals of Tardis, but it is quite likely no 
> better than recent versions of w32time (when configured properly, rather 
> than out of the box) which has been supplied, bundled with NT based 
> versions of Windows, for many years.  w32time doesn't support local 
> reference clocks, or PPS.
> The prime designer of ntpd is a radio amateur.

:-)  Nice to know!...

Thanks for lots to think about David.

Yes, for Faros, I'm locked into Windows.  I have thought about 
virtualising things, but I also know Faros *Needs* almost direct control 
of the soundcard to get good timing information as to when a signal 

The NTP problem, is because my ISP (Demon) has been bought out by C&W, 
and they are continualy messing with the network.  Resulting in ping 
latences of nearly 2 seconds at times during the day.  Even worse, that 
varies ping to ping, so what chance protocols like NTP?   When I first 
found the problem, and (after checking all my kit) contacted their 
support peeps, they asked "What's NTP?".

I'm not the only one affected, others are too, perhaps to a much lesser 
extent, and also in different ways.

Anyway, lots here (NTP wise) to digest and think about.

Many thanks.

Dave B

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