[ntp:questions] Solaris 8 xntpd vs ntpd?

Unruh unruh-spam at physics.ubc.ca
Mon Jul 27 23:21:08 UTC 2009

Lockon <sunilgupta65 at gmail.com> writes:

>Hi, I would appreciate if someone could tell me the reason to use the
>freeware ntpd rather than xntpd that is built into Solaris 8.  I have
>searched but I can find no compelling argument.

xntp is ntpd 3 as far as I know. The current ntp is ntp 4 which has a
lot of improvements and changes. ntp4 is the only version which is

Now of course what arguments you find compelling is an open question.

>Thank you in advance.

>Sunil Gupta

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