[ntp:questions] traconex 1030 no longer outputing timestamps

David Mills mills at udel.edu
Tue Jul 28 20:27:35 UTC 2009


Traconex bought Precision Standard Time (PST) circa 1989.  So far as I 
know, Traconex has not changed the design significantly since then. I 
was a consultant to PST 1986-1988 and was given two Model 1020s for 
test. When PST didn't pay my consulting fee, I kept the demos, which are 
still in operation here. Over the years the only repairs have been a 
faulty audio pot, a blown MX232 chip and a couple of tired electrolytic 
caps for the MX232. If you see RS232 levels on the TX data pin, the 
MX232 is working. The control sequences are listed  in the 
refclock_pst.c driver in the NTP software distribution. Be sure the 
front panel shows good time before expecting sanity in the timecode.

By the way, my recommendation for PST was to scrap the comb filter and 
decoder and replace with an audio codec and maximum-likelihood linear 
receive, which they believed prepostrously complicated and impractical 
to implement. Thus challenged, that adventure became the refclock_wwv.c 
audio driver.

Dave, w3hcf

Philip Leonard WVØT wrote:

>My traconex 1030 has stopped outputting time stamps.  When I monitor the 
>serial port using minicom all I ever see from the refclock is an 
>asterisk every few seconds.  This is actually happening on two 1030's I 
>have here.  I know it has to be something I did but I have no idea what. 
>  ntpd has been running fine with these clocks for months.
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