[ntp:questions] NTP 4.2.5p180 adds IPv6 support on Windows

Maarten Wiltink maarten at kittensandcats.net
Mon Jun 1 09:59:31 UTC 2009

"David J Taylor"
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> So, one question which now arises is:  how should the current Windows
> NTP handle the libeay32.dll version issue?  Having it packaged with
> Meinberg's distribution, and putting it into the application directory
> seems to be an approach which works.

And it does. That other Windows installation had no problems.

> Should those installing by copying ntpd.exe etc. from Zip archives
> be expected to look after libeay32.dll themselves?  Should the
> bindings be dynamic rather than static so that ntpd can fall back
> if the required entry point or even the DLL isn't available?
> Should the "correct" version of libeay32.dll always be included
> with the Zip archive?

Speaking as a user, it seems kind of silly not to include parts
without which things don't work.

My logic was that if this DLL wasn't included, it was something
external, and would be stable enough that a copy from an older
version should work - perhaps five and a half years _is_ stretching
it, but I felt sure enough that when it didn't work, I assumed
there was another problem.

The point being, this is a not very dumb user working with what
he has, and it doesn't work. Include the DLL, already.

Maarten Wiltink

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