[ntp:questions] Nontrivial time adjustments

Алексей Иванов lexxthefox at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 10:21:42 UTC 2009


I have a question inspired by a problem on my work.
I work at a regional Russian broadcasting company. We broadcast in our 
region by replacing several state programmes with regional ones. All the 
rest time we just relay signal to retransmitters. Such manner of work 
means that we must time moments of interruption well. But we have a 
problem: signal that we have to deal with passes through several 
go-betweens where signal is being retransmitted/encoded/decoded. So we 
recieve signal delayed by 2 seconds. This delay is fixed and newer 
changes. While operating on signal we have to deal with this signal's 
own virtual delayed time and so all computers and wall clocks (which are 
in fact computers too) have to be always synchronized with the same 
virtual time.
This is where we face unresolved trouble: I have read man pages but 
haven't understood if it is possible to make ntpd take into account this 
delay. So that clients could synchronize with 2 sec time shift. Is it 
possible to resolve our problem?

With best regards,
Alexey Ivanov

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