[ntp:questions] .1 Microsecond Synchronization

ScottyG scottg at pepex.net
Thu Jun 4 16:36:27 UTC 2009


The company I am working for needs to be able to record timestamps in a trading 
system logs down to a .1 microsecond accuracy.

We will have servers located in London, New York and Chicago. There will be a 
dedicated resilient link between London and New York.

Searches on the web have made claims that NTP can achieve this accuracy. 
Unfortunately the sales rep for the NTP server we looked at told me that the best I 
could expect is 2-5 ms synchronization across servers.

Has anyone had any experience doing this? Can anyone suggest how to achieve 
this accuracy?

We do have some budget but this but if I need to spend a whole lot on this I need 
to get in front of my management with the reasons. 

Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions you can give me.


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